You can get help. We offer services for a wide range of mental health conditions from the comfort of your home.


Feeling “on edge,” unable to relax, and constantly overwhelmed. These are a few ways in which anxiety can manifest itself. Some people tend to have physical symptoms of anxiety, such as sweaty palms, palpitations, or shortness of breath. For others, anxiety turns into constant and excessive worrying about things that have happened or may happen, which sometimes translates into catastrophic thoughts about the future. “Control freaks” tend to be those for which anxiety turns into a need for control. Anger outbursts can also be one of the many ways in which anxiety is expressed. At Bloom, we know the many faces of anxiety and want to explore your unique way of experiencing it and help you tackle it. Our wholistic approach includes mind-body interventions, exercise, sleep optimization, psychotherapy, and, when needed, medication. The Bloom formula for anxiety is an evidence-based approach to help you regain control over your life in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks. We offer treatment for the many ways anxiety can express itself, including panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, among others.

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

There are different ways of experiencing depression. While some people may feel low, apathetic, and withdrawn, others describe depression as intertwined with intense anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Some others may experience a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of interest in daily activities. In the worst cases, depression triggers negative thoughts about our own existence and raises the question “is life even worth living?” At Bloom, we dive into your personal experience of depression and tailor a treatment plan that takes into account your unique condition and personal goals. The Bloom formula tackles depression from different angles, using a wholistic approach -we promote lifestyle interventions and work on your nutrition and sleep, while offering individualized psychotherapy, and, when needed, medication. Through our approach, you will notice an improvement in your symptoms within four weeks of treatment.


Sleep-deprivation can be exhausting. Insomnia can stem from worries, depression, unhealthy sleeping habits, and many other issues. We analyze your unique sleep patterns and help you find a tailored solution for this highly debilitating problem. At Bloom, we offer a dedicated form of psychotherapy for insomnia called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia” (CBT-I). This is a medication-free, evidence-based approach through which up to 75% of clients experience a remarkable improvement in their sleeping patterns during 5 treatment sessions over 6 weeks. If psychotherapy alone is not sufficient, we help you by addressing other treatable causes of insomnia (such as anxiety and depression) and can refer you for a sleep study to rule out other medical conditions that can contribute to your insomnia (such as sleep apnea). By tackling insomnia from different angles, we see a significant improvement in sleeping patterns in the vast majority of our clients.

Perinatal Psychiatry

Becoming a mother is one of the most delicate times in the lifespan of a woman. Unfortunately, such a blissful event can also be accompanied by new looming responsibilities, sleep deprivation, and hormonal imbalances. All these factors can lead to the worsening of preexisting mental health conditions, or the development of new ones. Sadly, many women feel left alone to struggle with their mental health during this time. At Bloom, we have developed a dedicated service for all women who are facing the challenge of becoming a mom. We can help you navigate the many tools to make motherhood as smooth as possible. Sleep optimization, nutritional interventions, mind-body treatments, and psychotherapy can all be valuable tools for women at this time in their lives. For those in need of medication, we offer dedicated expertise in perinatal psychopharmacology and can help you explore the best treatment options for your specific needs.


Being easily distracted and bored, unfocused and disorganized -these are all symptoms which many procrastinators would describe and which can lead to a diagnosis of ADHD. However, many others can experience ADHD in different ways. For example, they may be adrenaline seekers or binge eaters, among others. There are many ways in which ADHD can interfere with your personal pursuits and prevent you from achieving a fulfilling life. At Bloom, we explore your unique way of living with ADHD and offer a wholistic treatment that includes lifestyle interventions, psychotherapy, and medication. We can offer non-stimulant medications, which some may prefer because they are non-addictive. Due to state regulations regarding telemedicine, we do not prescribe stimulants, but we can work collaboratively with your primary care provider if these are determined to be the medications that can best serve you.


For many, obsessive compulsive disorder can appear as repetitive and purposeless behaviors in response to an inner, and unexplained, need. For instance, some may check repeatedly if the stove is off before leaving home, though they already know it is off as they have already checked it several times. However, for many others, OCD can manifest itself without any repetitive behavior, but only with intrusive thoughts. The unwanted thought appears without being welcomed and causes distress. For instance, a new mom may have intrusive thoughts of harming her own baby, though she has no desire to do so and feels overwhelmed for having such an image popping up in her mind. People can feel ashamed about their very own thoughts -and the distress is so strong that it can interfere with daily functioning. At Bloom, we explore your unique way of experiencing OCD and offer an integrated approach that includes lifestyle interventions, psychotherapy, and medication. Your thoughts and behaviors will gradually become more manageable through our dedicated formula.

Bipolar Disorder

Going from being exhausted to having a surge of energy, from feeling hopeless to extremely confident, from withdrawn to outgoing and even impulsive? Bipolar disorder can be confusing for you and others around you. Manic phases represent one of the expressions of bipolar disorder and can be extremely dangerous, as impulsivity and reckless behavior can dominate these episodes and lead to catastrophic outcomes. A complex condition needs a complex solution. Treating bipolar disorder requires the dedicated approach of professionals with vast experience. We know how to treat the many manifestations of bipolar disorder in a kind and empathetic way, and we offer a wholistic approach that takes into account lifestyle interventions, psychotherapy, and medication. Our approach leads to improvement of the most debilitating symptoms in a matter of a few weeks.

Performance Optimization

You may have achieved many of your goals, and yet you find yourself stuck. We help you regain control over your life and achieve your personal goals through the dedicated service of individual psychotherapy. We invite you on a journey of self-discovery to explore the elements in your life that are holding you back. Some of these issues may vanish during therapy. For the stressors that can’t disappear, we can help you master resiliency. At Bloom, you will develop the emotional resources to overcome real and self-imposed impediments and achieve the best version of yourself.

Sexual Wellness

An integral part of our wellbeing, sex, is still seen as a taboo that is rarely addressed in a doctor’s office. At Bloom, we believe your sexuality is a core element of wellness and we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. By getting to know your body, fears, and desires, ultimately becoming familiar with your sense of pleasure, we help you to master the tools to achieve a more satisfying sexual (and whole) life.

Integrative Psychiatry

A key concept in achieving whole health, integrative psychiatry focuses not only on your mind, but also on your person as a whole. At Bloom, we offer a wholistic approach that focuses on 5 elements: nutrition, sleep and rest, movement, meaning, and relationships. In order to accompany you into this journey of transformation, you will have access to lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, sleep, and exercise. In addition, if you prefer to explore non-pharmaceutical interventions, we incorporate recommended supplements and botanical remedies for your condition. Mind-body treatments such as meditation, yoga, relaxation, manual therapies, guided visualization, and acupuncture are part of your Bloom Wellness Plan. You will restore your wholeness, notice long lasting improvements, and achieve harmony and balance in your life.

Teen and Youth Mental Health

While we mature our idea of self, the world can prove harsh and discouraging. Emotional and behavioral disorders in youth can profoundly affect family dynamics, relationships with friends, and school performance, and hinder the social-emotional growth of these delicate years. Teenagers and youth like you or your child have unique struggles that require unique expertise. At Bloom, we support youth and their families on this journey and strive for close cooperation with all players involved, from their schools to their sports coaches. Our wholistic approach includes therapy and medications when indicated, but also a focus on lifestyle interventions and mind-body treatments. This plan will help youth and their families build resilience and ultimately manage difficult situations -and thrive.