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Free introductory call

Call us today for a brief initial consultation to see how we can start helping you.

Comprehensive initial evaluation

This is a 60 to 90-minute in-depth assessment during which we listen to your personal story, discuss your current symptoms, review your medical and mental health history, explore your idea of wellness and develop a tailored treatment plan. The Bloom Psychiatry & Wellness Plan can include laboratory or diagnostic testing, advice on how to optimize your lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits, mind-body modalities), prescriptions for medications when appropriate, and more.

For children and adolescents only: this comprehensive evaluation includes a separate session with the caregiver.


We will follow up with you regularly based on your specific needs. We offer shorter or longer appointments based on your goals and availability.

Psychiatric Consultation

We provide a consultation for clients who may already have a trusted provider and seek a second opinion from our experts. We specialize in women and girls overcoming complex medical conditions, including peripartum difficulties, and we work with clients interested in combining current treatment with lifestyle changes and other wholistic therapies.